New Engraved Monogram, Affordable Too!

March 31, 2009

Ever wondered about engraved stationery?

Ever wanted to try some but not quite ready to take the plunge?


We’ve designed an easy, pocket book-friendly edition of lovely photo-engraved monograms so you can have your own custom, engraved mark. Each monogram is engraved onto an authentic copper plate—it will be sent with your order or we will be happy to archive it for your future use. The monogram is then engraved by hand onto our signature, fold-over notes.

Each edition comes with one engraved monogram, 50 cards and matching envelopes. Choose from six lovely colors of ink and 16 unique monogram styles!

While we remain thoroughly committed to hand engraving—its practice and preservation—recently we’ve become aware that some of our newer clients might like less expensive access to the exclusive world of bespoke letter papers. Therefore, we are pleased to introduce our new line of engraved monograms and notes.   For more information Petite Suite.  Or email us directly:


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