SHAME ON YOU. Are there really No Sustainable Printers in New Orleans?

March 7, 2009

In a town now being cited for many new green initiatives I must wag my finger at my adopted home, I just did an online look to see who of our local printers advertises sustainable practices and I found none.

Not one of these local printers advertises sustainable practices on the home page of their website:

Garrity Printing Inc.,
H & H Printing Service,
Pel Hughes,
Harvey-Hauser Printing Company,
Davis & Sapi Printing,
Wendel Printing,
Mele Printing,

In North America, New Orleans boasts the first press established outside of the original colonies back when this country was being formed. While waiting for his press and types to arrive from France, Denis Braud engraved plates himself. A resident since at least 1762, Braud printed letters of exchange for the treasury.* Also, the debate has never been conclusively resolved about just where the first type foundry “to operate in a Southern state”, Virginia or New Orleans.**

Can this legacy of great type and print innovation be made right?

Come on boys and girls of the letter and word, get on the stick. Otherwise, conscientious typographers and designers such as myself will have to source printing from sustainable printers in Alabama!

* Florence M. Jumonville, Bibliography of New Orleans Imprints 1764-1864
** Maurice Annenberg, Type Foundries of America and their Catalogs


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