January 30, 2009

2009greensalon_logoAIGA New Orleans and Loyola University New Orleans will hold its second annual Green Salon on March 14th at Loyola. The all-day event will feature presentations and panel discussions about the nature of sustainability and what the New Orleans community can do to become more sustainable.

This event will be webcast in real time!!

Salon will focus on the question “How can I make a difference?” Keynote speaker, Elllen Lupton.

The day will address these issues:

What can I do to act in a sustainable manner in my use of energy?

What can I do to act in a sustainable manner in my use of materials and construction?

How do I act in a sustainable manner when thinking about issues pertaining to social justice?

In keeping with New Orleans’ rich musical culture, 2009 Green Salon will also feature local bands entertaining us in between each of these notions.

“Sustainability” and “Green” have become buzzwords for environmentally friendly practices, but the terminology’s meanings are often lost in vague or overwrought descriptions that overwhelm the average person, who cannot understand what to do as an individual.

Our purpose at 2009 Green Salon is to cut through the murkiness, discussing how environmental issues affect us and the changes each person can make. By bringing together experts from many fields making an impact on sustainability, we will explore contributions that can reduce waste and create a more sustainable community.

The event is FREE OF CHARGE. Food and drink will be available to purchase and donations are welcome which go to the annual Green Salon fund servicing the general New Orleans community.


Nancy Sharon Collins, Director of Special Events, AIGA New Orleans, nscstationer@earthlink.net

Timothy Samaha, Sustainability Chair, AIGA New Orleans, its4tim@msn.com

Daniela Marx, Associate Professor of Graphic Design, Loyola University, dmarx@neo1.loyno.edu



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